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Relationships deserve special attention because they make up one of the largest chunks of our well-being. And I don’t just mean romance. I also mean friendships, family, co-workers. While most of us are decent at interacting with other people, the sad fact is that we’ve mostly been wingin’ it. There is no rulebook to relationships. To alleviate that, I write about how to approach different aspects of the relationship process: communication, empathy, language, expectations, connection, vulnerability, listening, and so much more.

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  1. My experience with isolation, emptiness, and feeling like a nobody
  2. 3 ways to feel like a somebody
  3. Closing thoughts
My experience with isolation, emptiness, and feeling like a nobody Back to top When I started thinking about who I am and my place in this world, that's when ...
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  1. Not all negative emotions are bad.
  2. Pandering to negative emotions becomes a missed opportunity.
  3. Respect negative emotions; don't pander to them.
Not all negative emotions are bad. Back to top Some people don't ever want anyone else to feel uncomfortable, sad, or stressed. They believe that feeling any ...
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Who this article is targeted for:
  • People who want to improve their people skills
  • People who don't feel understood
  • People who feel alone
  • Couples or friends or family with a strained relationship
  1. Self-interest is a default state.
  2. Empathy is a developed state.
  3. LESSON 1: Don't expect perfect ...
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