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Self-actualization is the process by which we become the best version of ourselves. That doesn’t mean becoming a carbon copy of someone else you admire. It means being the best you possible. With that said, I write about how we can resolve the common problems that hold most of us back from reaching our highest selves: distractions, bad priorities, self-deception, self-doubts, fears, inauthenticity… and so much more.

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  1. Plan A by itself is a lot of pressure.
  2. As a backup, have plan a.
Plan A by itself is a lot of pressure. Back to top We all want things. But some things we really want. I really want to be a multi-millionaire. I really want to ...
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The following is inspired by Seneca's 32nd letter, "On progress." Live in such a way that if you died tomorrow, you would die happy. If I died tomorrow, I would want to die holding my romantic partner and enjoying his presence. What I'm proposing is not a plea to check ...
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  1. The world is messy.
  2. Just shove your hands into the mud and get started.
The world is messy. Back to top There's 7 billion people in the world. Each person makes 100s of decisions every day. That's 700 billion+ decisions bumping up against one another, shaping and reshaping ...
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  1. You'll never start.
  2. You'll feel alone.
You'll never start. Back to top Everyone wants the things they do to go well. You put your heart into a project. Naturally, you want it to go well. It means the world to you. I psych myself out though. I want ...
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  1. Being vulnerable is important.
  2. But being vulnerable is hard.
  3. Here's some tips I think could help us be more vulnerable.
Being vulnerable is important. Back to top What does it mean to be vulnerable, and why is it important? What it means to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is about ...
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Who this post is targeted for:
  • People suffering from analysis paralysis
  • People suffering from failure to launch
  • People who never do anything out of self-consciousness
  • People who never step outside their comfort zone
This post is an answer to the problem of perfectionism outlined in this article.
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